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Autumn Scars Behind The Glass
Truths Revealed
Okay...well I've pretty much started a new chapter of my life and I just can't use this LJ anymore. So....I am going to be coming up with a new LJ name. Any ideas? I get stumped easy, lol.

Anyways...I'll let ya'll know what the new name is and I'll add you.

<3 Jessica
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Hey all. I haven't updated in awhile because I haven't been home much..sorry! But! I just bought a Boost Mobile so if any of ya'll have nextel or a boost...lemme know your number so we can chat sometime... mine is::



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This journal is Friend's Only. (Soon a wicked banner will be here.) Comment to be added :)

lmao. Look how stupid I am. I had already put the whole "This journal is friends only" shit and then stupid ass me does it fucking again. OO! Look at me! I'm a stupid dumbfuck. Damn. Still. Yeah. Imma keep this here just to show how fucking asshole-ish I can be. Let's just make this bold so you all will notice it too. Yeah. Fo sho.
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This LJ is friends only, bitches.

Comment to be added.


(Soon I will have a wonderfully cool friend's only banner. Until then...)
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